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Can I have a customized logo on my photo booth prints?
Yes, we will customize a text graphic for you, for FREE, which can include names, dates, logos, custom colors, etc. on the photo booth prints.

How much area is required for the photo booth?
We suggest an area of at least 8' deep x 12' wide with additional space for the line to form.

How do my guests know when the photo is going to be taken?
A countdown (3...2...1) will appear on the screen just before the 'Look at the camera' graphic appears and a green light on the camera flashes just before the image is taken.

Do you offer clear plastic bookmark sleeves with tassels?
Yes, bookmark sleeves are 75 cents each, due at time of purchase. Minimum order 50.

My event photographer said he can setup a 'photo booth'?
Does it take pictures automatically or is it just a trigger on a camera? Do you get prints immediately at the event or are the images only viewable on the web? For years photographers have setup backdrops, lights and a camera at events. Just recently some have tried to pass this off as a 'photo booth'. It's just not as fun! To avoid disappointment, be sure you "try before you buy."

Do my guests have to wait 3 - 5 minutes for the prints?
No, our photo booth is completely digital and takes approximately one minute per group (including printing and signing). This reduces the backlog and waiting time for your guests! The original toxic, chemical-based photo booths typically take 3 - 5 minutes just for the printing alone! Our booth prints a waterproof image in less than 30 seconds.

Are there any additional travel charges?
Depending on the number of hours you book. Standard-delivery is included within a 50-mile radius of Macomb, Mi 48044. (Additional miles are charged at 1.25 each way).

How many photos can we take during our event?
You receive unlimited access throughout the event. Our support staff is always available during the event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Can we get a guest book or scrapbook of our event? 
Yes, the guestbook album is included at no additional charge. One print is for the guest and one for the album.

How long does it take for the photos to be posted to your website?
Photos are uploaded within 24 to 48 hours after your event, and are FREE to download.

How much do you charge for idle hours?
We charge $40 per hour of idle time. Some customers choose to have the photo booth run for a one-hour cocktail hour. Have it idle for an hour during dinner and then
have it run for a couple more hours during the reception as well.

Is the setup and tear down time part of my 4-hour event time?
No, we will set up and tear down the photo booth around your 4-hour block. If you need additional time we charge $99 per hour.

What happens if there is a mechanical problem with the photo booth?
Our booths are contractually guaranteed to run 85% of the time. They occasionally need paper and supplies replenished, otherwise they work non-stop.

How many people can fit into the photo booth at once?
We can host up to 12 people in the photo booth at a time.

Where do you typically set up the photo booth?
We generally setup in the main reception area, wherever there is enough space. The photo booth itself is not too large, but we require a table for the photo guestbook
album and there is usually a line of people eager to jump in the photo booth. We recommend a 12’w x 8’d area.
What makes your photo booth more entertaining and fun?
Guests standing outside the photo booth can view the action on an external monitor. It is extremely entertaining even for non-participating spectators! We also provide
FREE props to spice it up.

Can the photo booth be delivered upstairs?
Not at this time, however almost all halls have a ramp or accommodation of some sort.

Is the photo booth wheel chair accessible?
Yes, guests in a wheel chair (or walker) can wheel their chair into position, gather their family and friends around and join in the fun!

Does the photo booth use toxic or smelly chemicals?
No, it uses a totally modern digital computer process delivering better quality, faster print times and reprintable, waterproof images. Like the original photo booths of old,
our prints will last for several generations.

What are your photo booth rental charges?
We have the best rates around, only charging $699 for all services within a 4-hour block!

What do you require for booking the photo booth? 
A $200 non-refundable deposit with the contract holds your date. The full balance is due one week before your photo booth event, 2 weeks prior if paying by check.

Can I get the original images?
Yes, the original digital files of the event printouts come with each booking. You get the complete CD or DVD of all the individual photo booth images, mailed out the following business day.

How many hours will I need for my event?
It really depends on the number of people in attendance, the type of event, etc. However 4-6 hours is the average and works out very well.

Does the rental include a photo booth attendant?
Yes, a professional attendant will be present during the entire rental period to help your guests operate and enjoy their photo booth experience.
I still have more questions, now what? 
Call us toll free at 877.957.0003 or email us, we'll be happy to help!

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All services are included in our 4 hour rental package, no hidden fees!
Our competition up-charges for these extra services. Customized packages available.


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